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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Call it what you want - boner, erection, stiffy, woody, morning wood, morning tent....
Men, you know you all get one, most of you anyways, and it's not usually because you are aroused so why do you men wake up with a hard-on?

Well, according to the experts: It's common for men to have erections during the night -- a phenomenon known as nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) -- throughout their life. In fact, the penis can actually stay erect longer and be noticeably harder when a guy is asleep than when he's fully aroused and awake.

While they don't know exactly why NPT happens, we do know these erections -- a guy can have three to five a night -- are caused by electrical impulses in the brain that tend to occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stages of sleep. So, when your dude comes out of the REM cycle when he first wakes up, he may have a still have a raging boner. But it isn't necessarily synonymous with excitement. 

So women, don't get all excited thinking you're hot and all, 'cause sometimes that just isn't the case, lol.

So go ahead men!  Have your morning boner since it seems you have no control over it.  But for God's sake, just try to make sure it's in the privacy of your home or some place, where the whole world can't see it.....

It looks like this guy went camping but forgot to bring a tent. Oh wait. There’s one in his shorts

When you’re a backpacker, you sometimes don’t have a choice but to sleep in public. The biggest drawback? Your morning wood is seen by everyone in town.

I dream of BANG-KOK?

Source: Cosmopolitan
Pics courtesy of awkwardboners.com

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