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Monday, February 13, 2012


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The answer to this question wasn't as easy as I had hoped it would have been.  It seems the battle for the title of the strongest beer has been going on for the past few years especially between two breweries - Brew Dog from Scotland and Schorschbräu Brewery from Germany. And tangled up in the mess at one point were also Samuel Adams and Dogfish Head, who were pushed out of the race before you could say "I thought this beer was the strongest!".  I've read a number of sites in regards to this question but this site explained it best.

From - Chris Knox, of quora.com:

Tactical Nuclear Penguin
Sink the Bismarck
First there was Brew Dog with their Tactical Nuclear Penguin at 27% abv. That was soon beat by Schorschbräu Brewery's 31% abv Schorschbock

Brew Dog fired back with their Sink The Bismarck,
which boasted a seemingly unbeatable 41%! 
Then, Schorschbräu did the unimaginable and dethroned Brew Dog once again with a 43% abv version of their Schorschbock.  
And once again, Brew Dog was not about to lay down and be submissive, so they trumped Schorschbräu even further this time with...

End Of History,
End of History - 55% Beer,
 inside a taxedermied rodent in a tuxedo
a 55% abv brew of which they only made 12 bottles, each packaged in a preserved squirrel (yep, I said squirrel) complete with a certificate of authenticity and an astonishing price tag of $780 per bottle (which has long since been sold out!)

And Just When You Thought the Battle Was Over...
Brouwerij (brewery) 't Koelschip (the cooling ship), from the Netherlands was quietly crafting the brew that would dethrone Brew Dog with its Start The Future
which weighs in at a VERY impressive 60% abv!!! That's right, you read that right...60%!!! That's 120 proof, for those who are more liquor lingo inclined. So, they currently hold the title for strongest beer in the world, though for how long is anyone's guess.

An interesting side note is that there are many beer experts who have been debating whether these high octane brews can even technically be called beer. The detractors claim that the brewing process used to create these "beers" requires quite a bit of manipulation, mostly involving a type of freeze distillation, that pushes them far past the limits of what should technically be referred to as beer and into the realm of spirits. The supporters say that tasting these beers reveal their true "beer" natureYou be the judge!

abv - (alcohol by volume)

Speaking of Beer - want to find out some uses for beer other than drinking it? Then check it out here.

Updated! - Oct.26/20112
There is a new stronger beer created by Scottish firm Brewmeister!  At a whopping 65%, 'Armaggedon' seems to hold the official title as the world's strongest beer... for now. - Source

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