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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Absolutely not!

Providing that both you and your partner are in good physical health, experts say both men and women can continue to have sex to any age. That said, the aging process itself, along with many health conditions, can make having sex increasingly difficult in later years.

Half of the problem is the stigma as well as guilt surrounding older couples having sex 'at their age' - they are too old and shouldn't be doing it.  We shudder to think that the wizened and sometimes frail elderly people in our lives might actually think about sex, let alone engage in sexual activities.

The other problem is ill health which leads to medications..

It's long been well known that high blood pressure and cardiac medications can affect men's ability to achieve or maintain erections.  Antidepressants can also negatively affect libido and sexual response. 

Also, with age-related changes, women experience dryness of the vagina due to pelvic-floor muscles (that are partly responsible for drawing blood to the genitals during sexual activity), affecting vaginal lubrication and orgasm. Women may experience shorter or less powerful orgasms and may be at increased risk for urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse.  Doing Kegel exercises daily can help to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

As you get older, it may take longer for your body to respond to sexual stimulation. Even if you feel highly aroused, your natural lubrication may take time to kick in, and you may not become as wet as you used to.
However, even if intercourse is not possible, remember that physical intimacy can take many forms, and that sometimes getting older really does mean getting wiser about the many ways in which partners can bring each other pleasure. 

So, if you are good and healthy and still have the appetite for sex - age is just a number.

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