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Monday, August 22, 2011


"I think he's cured. It's been days now and he hasn't made a pass at any of us."

Yes, there is such a thing as sex-addiction.  There are differences of opinion among sexologists as to whether the phenomenon represents an actual addiction or even a psychological/psychiatric condition at all.

Sex addiction is described as an overwhelming need for sex, the pursuit of which frequently takes precedence over all other things in life, including work and relationships. Sex addicts frequently engage in risky behaviors, including not only unprotected sex, but also seeking stimulation in dangerous situations. Behavior is usually self-justified, so most sex addicts don’t view their actions as problematic, though they frequently feel a sense of shame or guilt after indulging their addiction.

Behaviors associated with sex addiction include: Compulsive masturbation; multiple extramarital affairs; anonymous sex partners or strings of one night stands; consistent use of pornography; consistent need for phone or computer sex; continuous use of prostitutes; sexual exhibitionism (such as “flashing”); voyeurism (watching others have sex); stalking a sex partner.

Some experts believe that sexual addiction is literally an addiction, directly analogous to alcohol and drug addictions. Other experts believe that sexual addiction is actually a form of obsessive compulsive disorder and refer to it as sexual compulsivity.  Still other experts believe that sex addiction is itself a myth, a by-product of cultural and other influences.
What do you believe?


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